Caring is creepy.

getting hit with an $800 summer course and moving into my first apartment is going to be so costly. anyone who wants to help me out, i’m here. 

When things happen to fall into place I feel as if they were meant to be. Jeremy just asked me a couple nights ago about wanting to move in together. Just today I started looking at places and my friend who didn’t even know of my situation asks if I want to sublease from her friend and our fellow coworker. Jeremy and I will be living in a three story town house with a monthly all inclusive rent of 450 that will be split between the both of us. 

This will give him the opportunity to save money and not have to stress over a second job, and me the chance to slowly adjust into being on my own. We hope his current lease ends in may or june and my coworker can wait till then to let us sublease. My coworker’s lease ends in July at our potential new place. Both my coworkers signed up for a new place that starts in August, a two bedroom town house in the same facility. We would easily switch the lease to myself and jeremy’s name and take the one coworker’s name off since she no longer wants to be in the area. Even with two bedrooms we would still pay less than 500. 

Not to mention this place is fifteen minutes from work and campus, compared to my thirty minute drive to work and 45 to hour long drive to campus. And just about a twenty five minute drive for Jeremy to work. Even though its a longer drive for him, his decrease in rent from what he pays now will still be okay. Plus we can take our cat with us too and not have to pay a pet deposit or even a deposit for the apartment. 

So I got hit with some exciting and big news, Jeremy wants me to move in with him and look for an apartment together. A lot of things to talk and think about but excited to further our relationship for sure